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Le 05/07/2015 12:06, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
The main reason was difficulty to synchronize the CPU and the DSP.
But you're right, by the time, the DSP was totally inacurate and very

I think now that the DSP is really accurate, we could probably thread it
again (but as it works like this, it's perharps not a good idea)


I don't think running a separate thread with the DSP when it needs to "speak" with the CPU at very high rate in real time will give any good result, emulation could be slowed down due to the fact that threads can't switch as fast as the time it takes to emulate one cpu instruction before emulating one dsp instruction.

If we were to use multi threading, then it would be more efficient to use it for "big" tasks : for example one task responsible for emulating everything as we do today (cpu, dsp, video, sound) and another task to convert gfx in ST/Falcon format (interleaved bitmaps) to native RGB format.

But even so, with today's cpu, where even some mobile phones can run emulators, I don't think the work and added complexity would be worth the gain.


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