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Le 03/07/2015 22:42, Andreas Grabher a écrit :

Am 02.07.2015 um 20:39 schrieb Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Le 02/07/2015 20:28, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
Thanks a lot for this Andreas.
The problem is that I really have few time actually.
Maybe in september.

Nicolas, I suggest we apply this patch after the new version of hatari.

Best regards

Yes, thanks a lot Andreas. I gave a look to the diff and this makes quite a lot of changes, so I agree it would be better to wait after 1.9 is released to apply some changes.

2 questions for andreas :

- what are the difference with dsp in hatari ? Only interrupt handling or are there any other changes ? (I see DMA interrupts were added, IIRC it's missing in Hatari)

I forgot to mention, that there are a few other changes. Some of them might be useful, or just do no harm. Some of them are specific to Previous and should not be merged. Almost all changes in dsp.c are specific to Previous and should not be merged. The NeXT-specific DSP memory map of course also should not be merged. The changes to the host interface might be useful or at least do not harm.
If you only want the new interrupt system, then you should have a look at commit 471 of Previous at

I tried to make a patch for Hatari, but i think it might be useful to merge step by step. I can assist with that.

Thanks I think laurent or me will come back to you later to merge this in Hatari (don't worry if this is not in the next weeks :) )

- also, why are some variables declared as 'volatile' ? This is usually when a variable holds the content of some hardware registers, but here it's not the case.

To be honest, i did never use the volatile declaration before. I just tried to match the existing code, which also included volatiles.

I think you can remove them, IMO it always looks confusing to have unneeded options when declaring variables.


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