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Le 02/07/2015 20:28, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
Thanks a lot for this Andreas.
The problem is that I really have few time actually.
Maybe in september.

Nicolas, I suggest we apply this patch after the new version of hatari.

Best regards

Yes, thanks a lot Andreas. I gave a look to the diff and this makes quite a lot of changes, so I agree it would be better to wait after 1.9 is released to apply some changes.

2 questions for andreas :

- what are the difference with dsp in hatari ? Only interrupt handling or are there any other changes ? (I see DMA interrupts were added, IIRC it's missing in Hatari)

- also, why are some variables declared as 'volatile' ? This is usually when a variable holds the content of some hardware registers, but here it's not the case.


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