Re: [hatari-devel] DSP performance

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Today WinUAE CPU core: FPU 812 Mhz, DSP 57 Mhz, CPU 27 Mhz
Dec WinUAE CPU core: FPU 153 Mhz, DSP 57 Mhz, CPU 172 Mhz
Old WinUAE CPU core: FPU 221 Mhz, DSP 32 Mhz, CPU 15 Mhz
Old UAE CPU core: FPU 403 Mhz, DSP 32 Mhz, CPU 78 Mhz

Aren't these figures just evidence that something else is going on here?

Twice the DSP registers 32MHz exactly, and then 57MHz exactly, when the CPU/FPU exhibits highly variable performance between all cases.

This is what I would expect, if DSP performance is independent of CPU instruction cycle counts (but not independent of CPU cycles *counted*, being the master reference for time - there is a subtle difference).

I had more to say on this, but I'm going to wait and see what happens :-) At least I'll learn something more about Hatari.


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