Re: [hatari-devel] Data cache Issues?

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Le 04/06/2015 21:39, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

With this change, B-o-R game and Yepyha & Firestarter demos work.

Whether issues are bug(s) in emulation or just related to timings
changing slightly with data caches, I don't know.  At least
none of these programs needs DSP, so it shouldn't be related to
CPU<->DSP timings.


I think this is now fixed ; although loading data directly in RAM for gemdos HD emulation was very likely to cause a mismatch between current cache and new RAM content, which required to flush the data cache, writing directly to RAM could also cause mismatches between instruction cache and real program (that's less likely but still possible, which is why the crash were random)

In that case, as instruction cache was not flushed it could contain code dating before writing to RAM, so we would execute some wrong 680xx program because we prefetch some old 16 bit words.

I changed this to clear both data and instruction caches and I can now run Virtual City in prefetch/compatible or CE modes (those 2 modes make use of the instruction cache)

Please test again with Beats Of Rage and your other demos, it should hopefully work better.


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