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On torstai 14 toukokuu 2015, Konador, Cyprian wrote:
> Attached you can find GST2ASCII tool rewritten in the Python. I done it
> based on the latest gst2ascii.c version:
> ols/debugger/gst2ascii.c Tool was checked under Python 2.7 and Windows 7
> 64-bit.


> The main reason of that rewriting was to avoid compiling issues which I
> faced under Windows (proper C environment, SDL library ect).

Actually, you don't need SDL library.

In addition to the basic C compilation environment, gst2ascii needs
only the "SDL_endian.h" *header* for the endianess conversion macros.

> One remark, I'm not the Python specialist, therefore there could be some
> strange language constructions and also some bugs. Thanks for
> understanding.

If there are others who'd like to have Python version for the same reason, I 
could add it to the Hatari repository.

	- Eero

> Regards
> Cyprian
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> > From: Eero Tamminen
> > Sent: 3 May 2015 20:49
> [...]
> > Btw. I updated gst2ascii, hopefully it also works in next build.  You
> > need it to provide ASCII format symbols for the callgraph etc.
> > generation.

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