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Am Tue, 31 Mar 2015 00:35:15 +0200
schrieb Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Le 31/03/2015 00:04, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
> > There's still ~dozen trace flags free.  What kind of things
> > you've though they would be occupied by?  Hatari already emulates
> > about all HW (some things are still missing tracing, e.g. MMU,
> > but not that many).
> >
> No idea at the moment, but I'd rather keep some free space in the
> list than removing some options later to keep everything in 64 bits.
> IMHO trace level is about some broad categories of hardware
> components (cpu, blitter, video, sound, fdc, ...) and some families
> of OS calls/TRAPs.
> What's the opinion of other people ? Thomas maybe ?

I don't mind either way too much... I think we could leave this in for
now and when we run out of flags one day, we can reconsider.
But IMHO it would be nice to have this somewhat more closely related to
the other "gemdos" trace flag. I.e. when you run "--trace help", it
should show up next to the "gemdos" flag instead. And maybe rename it
to "gemdos_fopen" ?


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