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Eero, I see you added a trace level just for gemdos fopen, but I'm not sure we should allocate its own bit in the log mask just for 1 function call, as we're limited to 64 bits and we should try to have broad categories here, especially when it's rather easy to run hatari with "--trace gemdos" and send the output to "grep -i fopen"

Maybe a better, more general solution would be to have a list of OS calls to trace and provide them through an option similar to --trace syntax.

For example : --trace gemdos --trace_os fopen,fclose,fread

Then, as OS calls are not supposed to be called that often, one can use a simple search list when logging instead of a bitmask for the list of OS functions (which could exceed 64 and not go into a Uint64).

if ( LOG_TRACE_LEVEL ( TRACE_OS_GEMDOS ) && ( LOG_TRACE_OS ( "fopen" ) )
 LOG_TRACE_PRINT( "fopen ...." );


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