Re: [hatari-devel] Attaching an ACSI harddisk: 3 x Why

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On lauantai 14 maaliskuu 2015, Thomas Huth wrote:
> schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > If you have proposal for what kind of command line option(s) it
> > should have, I can add that.
> Maybe simply an extension to the existing --acsi option? Something like
>   --acsi n:filename
> where n is in the range from 0 to 7, standing for the ACSI ID. If the
> "n:" is missing, the option should behave like the current version, of
> course (to set ACSI 0).


If I have device with Putnik's driver first, also AHDI driver on second 
drive is run.  If I reverse the drives, only AHDI driver (v5) gets executed.  
In both cases, on TOS 1.04 I see only one of them on TOS desktop.

With EmuTOS v0.9.4, both ACSI BUS devices are present on desktop.

	- Eero

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