Re: [hatari-devel] Error dialog needs cold reset button

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On perjantai 06 maaliskuu 2015, David Savinkoff wrote:
> The following error dialog box needs a Reset button
> because clicking on OK just pops out another error.
> *** error dialog box ******************************
> Address Error during exception 2/3 => CPU halted!
> Emulation needs to be reset.
>                       [  OK  ]
> ***************************************************

Btw. this comes only with Old UAE CPU core, WinUAE core doesn't support/show 
this dialog currenly/yet.

> There is no way to exit or reset Hatari.

Actually, there are several ways to reset Hatari:

* Click the "Reset..." button in Hatari UI and then select warm or cold 
reset (you may need to OK exception error dialog in Hatari window too)
* Use reset keyboard shortcuts (AltGr+C for cold and AltGr+R for warm)
* Invoke debugger and use "reset" command

Naturally only first one is friendly to new users.

> Hatari must be killed externally

As to reseting emulation from the shown dialog, I'm not sure
it's safe to reset emulation at this point, emulation may
need to unwind back to main loop before that (like happens
with user requested resets done from keyboard shortcuts and
from Hatari UI).


	- Eero

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