Re: [hatari-devel] Re: 040/060 emulation issue with BadMood

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On sunnuntai 01 maaliskuu 2015, Douglas Little wrote:
> > Both work with higher CPU clock (32Mhz) and TT-RAM, but freeze at level
> > start when I try Hatari's 040 or 060 emulation.  There's no Hatari
> > output when that happens (e.g. about bus errors).
> It looks like a timing mismatch. What were the exact names of the build
> archives? and

> And which build was used to get the disasm?


> One of the earlier builds
> should sync on all transactions so timing issues shouldn't happen unless
> I missed one. The later ones relax the use of sync in some of the inner
> loops.

Both behaved the same way.

	- Eero

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