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----- Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Hi,
> On torstai 29 tammikuu 2015, David Savinkoff wrote:
> > Here is a patch that makes the sdl gui menu underlines look
> > smaller and nicer (in my opinion).
> NAK.  It being narrower than the character and in button shadow just
> makes underlining look broken (not aligned to font) and too easy to miss.
> > Please compile it to see the result (in low resolution),
> > and also modify it if you can make it look even better.
> If it bothers you,

It does. Maybe others too.

> I'd rather accept accept patch for build option to 
> disable underlines.  That could be useful for setups which don't have a 
> keyboard.

I'll try to make the underlines Zero length and see what happens.

> 	- Eero

Hi, I made some fullscreen screenshots so that you can see the
difference that my beatifying patch does.

If a default build option is made, I would would be satisfied with:

- Default underlines with my patch.
- Default without underlines.

David Savinkoff

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