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Le 04/01/2015 23:54, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
Yes, it seems to make sense now, your explanation is cristal clear for
me now ;)
Just have to see how to implement this in the actual code ;)


do handle this, maybe you could have an internal clock counter associated to each register to know when it was last modified.

I don't know if there's already a global cycle counter in the DSP code ? A counter that would always increase :
  dsp_global_counter += dsp_core.instr_cycle

Each time the registers with the "pipeline" effect are modified, you store the value of dsp_global_counter and the new value in "new_value". When one of this register needs to be read later, you can do thg like (pseudo code) to return either the old/current "value" or the new "new_value" :

assuming you create a struct for these special registers :

struct {

 if ( dsp_global_counter - reg.last_write_counter > reg.propagation_delay )
   reg.value = reg.new_value;
   return reg.value;
   return reg.value

If all regs have the same delay to propagate, you can replace "reg.propagation_delay" by a constant from a #define.


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