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Eero, I see you added a note about "Oh! no more froggies" not working with more than 4 MB.

But as far as I know, STF/STE were not supposed to have more than 4 MB ; there might be some hacks to force it 14 MB (as we do in Hatari) by writing directly in the TOS variables, but this is high level emulation of a non existing MMU config at register ff80001.

So, > 4MB should not be considered as a valid STF/STE RAM configuration. Maybe we could add a word about this in the doc, but we already state that the safer config for games/demos should be 1MB and TOS 1.02 or 1.04.

I think we can add in the compatibilty list when a game/demo requires a minimum amount of RAM, but telling that it should not use more than 4 MB seems redundant to me, as this is not a valid HW config anyway on plain STF/STE (and I think a lot of demos using their own trackloader and bypassing TOS would not work with >4 MB)


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