Re: [hatari-devel] Re: RAM detection issue with VDI (was HDDriver issues with WinUAE CPU core)

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On tiistai 13 tammikuu 2015, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> > > > 	--vdi-width 800 --vdi-height 600 --vdi-planes 4
> > > > 	--vdi-width 1920 --vdi-height 1080 --vdi-planes 1
> > > 
> > > With the first resolution NVDI hangs after displaying its startup
> > > message, with the second resolution it work.

Was this with WinUAE CPU core or old UAE CPU core?

If former, could you check also old UAE CPU core, just in case
(before updating Hatari sources)?

> > Ok, this is as I feared.
> > 
> > Does the hanging resolution work if you use earlier
> > Hatari version, e.g. v1.8 release?
> With 1.8.0 with the first resolution NVDI does not hang but partially
> pixel garbage is displayed on the screen. With the second resolution
> it's fine.

Ok, I changed phystop back to memtop + 32k in other modes
than TT + mono.  It seems that we just need to accept that
TOS v3 memory detection won't work with VDI mode.

-> Updated manual with this info.

VDI mode doesn't work with TOS v4, only with EmuTOS.

I decided that this could be used for testing applications
compatibility with phystop = "RAM end" setting.  I.e.
if you want to check how well apps cope with that in
larger VDI modes, use Falcon emulation & EmuTOS. :-)

	- Eero

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