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Thanks a lot Nicolas, I'll test this a lot when I'm back to home.

Happy christmas too

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Objet: [hatari-devel] More RAM for Christmas :-)


just in time for Christmas, TT RAM support should now be fixed for TT 
mode and Falcon mode.

Extra RAM will be added whether fast boot is enabled or not, so you can 
keep fast boot=true if you want (although it's not recommanded for 
better STF/STE compatibility, and it doesn't speed boot that much anyway 
:) )

There were some crashes to fix for TOS 4.04 and Falcon, because TOS 
would try to blit from ST RAM to TT RAM, but the blitter in a normal 
Falcon is not supposed to access memory above 24 bit. You would get some 
neraly immediate crashes when moving icons or printing text.

So, when 32 bit addressing mode is selected in Falcon mode, this will 
allow 32 bit addresses for CPU and blitter.

A 32 bit blitter doesn't really exist in Atari's models, but extra 32 
bit RAM doesn't exist either in a plain Falcon, so we get some kind of 
hybrid model between a real Falcon and a Falcon with a CT extension 
board for example.

The TT doesn't have this problem, because it doesn't have a blitter :)

Merry christmas !


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