Re: [hatari-devel] New version of WinUAE's cpu core -> 3.00b27

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On tiistai 09 joulukuu 2014, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> I just updated the new WinUAE's cpu core to the latest version 3.00b27
> (RC2 for next WinUAE).
> This fixes some MMU status bits, improve cycle counts for 68000 in
> compatible/prefetch mode, fixes some small error in some opcodes or
> addressing mode and a few other changes.
> This also fixes the problem reported with EmuTOS where it would not boot
> with 68030 in compatible or cycle exact mode.

Verified.  EmuTOS boots now, if one doesn't enable Native Features.

With Native features it freezes at boot to black screen,
even for 68000:
Illegal instruction: 4e7b at 00E00044 -> 00E00048
Exception 2 (0) at e00054 -> e0005c!
CPU reset PC=e0005c (ROM memory)..
Illegal instruction: 4e7b at 00E00084 -> 00E00088
B-Trap f039 at e00090 (0x98935e8)
Illegal instruction: 4e7b at 00E000BC -> 00E000D0
OS clock ticks / second: 100
Exception 2 (0) at e00700 -> e00704!
exit m68k_run

BadMood Beta version works if one doesn't enable Native Features
(then it just gives illegal instruction for NatFeats opcode),
but then one doesn't see game statusbar in Hatari.

I.e. Native Features (--natfeats yes) is broken.

Profiler still asserts in 030 mode.

> While testing in falcon mode, I noticed that emulation was sometimes 
> very slow when switching between normal or cycle exact mode, but this is 
> not always reproducible, maybe it was even fixed.

Did you have floppy image inserted or not?

EmuTOS boots up very slowly without floppy in drive.

	- Eero

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