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The FDC emulation in Hatari 1.8.0 contains a small bug: changes to the WP 
status bit during insertion/ejection of a write-protected diskette in Hatari do 
not happen in the same way as on real hardware (e.g. a 1040ST).

According to the description in the Hatari source, the WP status bit should go 
from 1 to 0 to 1 during the insertion of a write-protected diskette.  The 
actual Hatari 1.8.0 executable implements this.  However, on real hardware, 
there is no intermediate 0 stage; the bit always stays at 1.

The attached ZIP contains program source & executable to show this.  Results 
comparing Hatari 1.8.0 with a real 1040ST, both running TOS 1.04, are also 


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