[hatari-devel] The WD1770 "Motor on" line

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When EmuTOS is booted under Hatari 1.8.0 with both floppies enabled, the green 
LED indicator for drive B stays on, showing the drive is still selected.  The 
normal EmuTOS behaviour after a drive has been selected is to leave it selected 
until the MOTOR ON bit in the WD1770 status register is zero; at that time, all 
drives are deselected.

The MOTOR ON bit is checked in the VBL handler, and appears to be always set 
on; thus the drive is never deselected.  According to my WD1770 spec, if the 
device remains idle for 10 revolutions, the MOTOR ON line will go back to 0, 
but this doesn't seem to happen with the emulated WD1770.

This code worked fine under 1.7.0.


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