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On 21 Nov 2014 at 18:54, Thomas Huth wrote:

> Am Fri, 21 Nov 2014 12:03:05 -0500
> schrieb "Roger Burrows" <rfburrows@xxxxxxxxx>:
> > > 
> > I started off needing to fix an EmuTOS bug which shows up when
> > running with Hatari 1.8.0.  However EmuTOS under 1.8.0 does not
> > recognise ACSI disks due to (I believe) a bug in ACSI handling which
> > (I suspect) is fixed in the current repository (the bug is related to
> > accessing both 8604 & 8606 with the same instruction).  If the fix is
> > indeed in the current repository, then I don't need to post a bug
> > report.
> I indeed fixed a related problem some weeks ago:
> But that only affected buggy ACSI drivers. So if EmuTOS did not work
> with 1.8.0, but now works again, it certainly does something wrong ;-)
EmuTOS carefully follows the rules in the "Atari ACSI/DMA Integration Guide": 
on p.14, it explains what the driver needs to do to avoid the "DMA CHIP 
ANOMALY".  I suspect that the changes in 1.8.0 broke this, and the subsequent 
change fixed it again.  But until I can get a current version of Hatari to 
work, I have no way of testing this ...

P.S. If you need it, the document referenced is at:

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