Re: [hatari-devel] Problem with changes in drive ID handling

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On perjantai 03 lokakuu 2014, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> with the latest Hatari my previous drive ID assignments do not work
> anymore, most likely due to the latest changes.
> Up to now my drives C:-I: were mapped to folders in the file system, and
> the partitions of the IDE master and slave images started with drive J:.
> This mapping does not work anymore.

That's how it already worked for ACSI, I just made IDE behave the same.

> Is there any way to configure the
> old behavior, so that GEMDOS drives are assigned first?

Not with current code.  I think having GEMDOS drive after the other
drives is more compatible, so it should be default.

Is there some specific use-case for mapping GEMDOS drive first?

Alternatives for implementing this could be:
- not skipping IDE/ACSI partitions when using GEMDOS
  multipartition setup
- commandline/config option to set (first) GEMDOS
  emulation drive.

	- Eero

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