Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari vs Falcon030 timings

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that's very interesting, those kind of repeatable per-instruction low level benchmarks will be quite useful to compare Hatari with Falcon and see if we get some errors only on some specific opcodes.

The intent is to have repeatable cycle-level timings from real kit, so it should hopefully help as a reference for the Falcon Hatari. I do understand however it will be a hard job getting close to the true figures for a whole bunch of reasons. But it's nice to have the figures anyway.

At the moment, I'm (slowly) updating Hatari's cpu core with the latest WinUAE version, so once it's done it will be helpful to check how accurate we are (lot of things changed in WinUAE compared to what is in Hatari, so it takes more time than just applying a "diff", but so far most compilation errors due to amiga specific code are nearly fixed, so I hope to have something to test soon)

Yes I can imagine its a huge job! And all the compat. testing that needs done afterwards... yikes!


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