[hatari-devel] capslib for OSX

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Le 31/07/2014 22:07, Troed Sångberg a écrit :
Thanks - now, after the fact, I consider it to be demystified :)

Attached is the [current] checklist I've written down when producing
these builds. Steps 1-9 are what I change from the Xcode project
defaults. I've not looked into whether or where this could be changed in
those to remove all the manual steps.

(If anyone replicates the builds using these notes please let me know
they're complete :)



I'm in contact with some SPS members and they say they can provide an updated 5.1 build of the library for OSX.

Can you tell me which files you used / downloaded on their site, so I can tell them to provide an equivalent file for 5.1, with the same structure but updated library ? (Bundle? Simple dylib? Framework? ...)


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