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On Aug 1, 2014, at 4:33 PM, Troed Sångberg <troed@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Posting here since I picked these up at Atari-Forum:

? - reported on OSX: Hatari does not load hatari.cfg from current directory when started

In 1.8.0, the OSX configuration directory was changed to the Mac standard of ~/Library/Application Support/Hatari. I was busy with work so I completely forgot that we needed to tell people to copy their configuration from ~/.hatari to ~/Library/Application Support/Hatari.

? - reported on OSX: Hatari does not allow selection of ACSI HD images with files ending in anything else than .img (apparently v1.7.0 did).

As I recall, the file selector in 1.8.0 filters to only allow the valid extensions to be selected. I knew that applied to ST, STX, etc images. I did not know it extended to HD images as well. Since I only have my disk image in a config file, I did not think about it. However, I just confirmed that the file selector will not allow you to select an HD image ending in ..image. This is different than 1.7.

? - reported on OSX: ACSI HD images that worked on v1.7.0 does not boot on 1.8.0
I have no idea regarding non-booting ACSI images. If someone could post one on AF, one of us could take a look at it.
?: Hatari runs very slow

I wonder if this is the window behavior that you saw on Retina display Macs.

Bob C

OSX: Does not start on OS X Snow Leopard (10.6). Issue identified and fixed for next release.

Jerome/Bob, is the first one about the config file something controlled by the build config? I've verified that I see the same issue myself - I have to load it manually at each boot.

Regarding blocking all file endings except .img I guess it could be one of the UI changes?

And about non-booting ACSI images I have no idea :)

Regarding slowness maybe it's the same Mac Retina-issue as I also saw.


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