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I have downloaded the latest development code and here is what I see in the OS X version when I use SDL2.

1. As I enter fullscreen mode, I see the New Floppy Image window appear next to the Hatari window. I have tried to determine when it appears by putting in an NSAlert at the beginning of the doFullScreen function (class?), but the alert does not appear. I assume I did something wrong. I wanted to see if the alert appeared prior to the New Floppy Image window or not.

Miguel - do you have any idea why this window would appear only when using SDL2? I retested it when compiling the identical under SDL1 and I don’t see the extra window appear.
No idea for that!  I have to try !

2. I could stop the OS from intercepting keys like Cmd-M and Cmd-F simply by removing the keyboard shortcuts in the NIB file. Once I did that, Hatari stopped crashing when I used the Cmd-F shortcut for fullscreen mode since OS X was not attempting to do the fullscreen logic itself.

3. Most times, when entering full screen mode, Hatari will only occupy the upper left corner of the screen until I move the mouse. Then, Hatari takes up the entire window.

4. The SDL2 fullscreen mode appears to be more “jaggy” than the SDL1 fullscreen mode. However, I did not notice it when playing a game. It was definitely noticeable when looking at the desktop.
Perhaps problem with "automatic layout" or differences between old screen and retina screen?


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