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On tiistai 24 kesäkuu 2014, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> Le 27/05/2014 12:12, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
> > I just committed my changes to support Pasti / STX file format, as well
> > as many FDC improvements that should make Hatari the most accurate ST's
> > emulator when it comes to floppy :)
> New changes for the STX support : Hatari now support writing to an STX
> image ! (and is certainly the 1st emulator to do so :) )

I think the new file.c function API could be better:
bool File_ChangeFileExtension(const char *Filename_old, const char 
*Extension_old , char *Filename_new , const char *Extension_new)

IMHO that function should either get max size for given new filename
pointer as arg, or it should allocate and return the new filename.
Not rely on given string being of certain lenght.

(Already existing File_MakeAbsolute*() and File_SplitPath() are similarly
ugly, but I don't think that's a good reason to add more of such things.

	- Eero

> For now, only 'write sectors' is supported ('write track' will be added
> after Hatari 1.8)
> When sectors are written, they will be saved in memory snapshots and
> restored on the next load.
> Modifications are also stored in a new file format I named ".wd1772".
> This is a rather simple but extensible format capable of storing all
> write to sectors or tracks, with precise timing informations.
> For each .stx file, a .wd1772 file will be created when changes are
> made. The .wd1772 file will only contain the new data. This means that
> when reading from a .stx file, we 1st look for the data in the .wd1772
> file, and if not found we use the original data from the .stx file.
> If you know games that save highscores, please report your results here
> (some game like Platoon won't work yet, because they also use 'write
> track')
> Nicolas

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