Re: [hatari-devel] LED with empty floppy drives

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On 05/05/2014 10:12, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
When determining if the light should stay on or turn off, you should
precisely specify if you are talking about the drive LED or the keyboard

On my STE, both leds are switching on/off at the exact same time ; the led
on the internal drive is not always visible, it's sometimes behind the
plastic case.

It seems that different testers on real hardware did not see the same results.
It is still unclear if the B: drive LED should remain on or off. In other words, if the new Hatari behavior is a bug or feature.

Currently, when booting EmuTOS on Hatari, the B: LED stays turned on when the desktop is idle, that's ugly.
I would like to know which of Hatari or EmuTOS needs to be fixed.

Vincent Rivière

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