Re: [hatari-devel] Automation #142: sync problems?

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Le 06/01/2014 11:34, Matthias Arndt a écrit :

I tried with TOS 1.02 and STF mode ... and the flicker is gone. I didn't
know that STF and STE had differences there, not to mention Hatari
emulating them correctly xD

Amongst other things, the STE has top/bottom border timings 4 cycles earlier. So a 60/50 Hz made to work just at the limit on STF will be considered good but might be rejected on STE just for 4 cycles :(

Even on STF, relying on a 60/50 happening right at the limit is a bad idea, because there can always be a slight jitter of 0-8 cycles when you use the HBL int to remove the top border with a "stop 2100" for example (even if all others int are stopped/masked).

So, it's quite likely this menu doesn't work on real STE.


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