Re: [hatari-devel] Automounting HDD images

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On 21/01/2014 13:07, Miro Kropáček wrote:
I'm playing with some HDD related stuff and I've found one feature/bug:
Hatari doesn't read its HDD images upon each reset, it mounts them by the
first run only.

BTW, when Hatari mounts a hard disk image, it should lock it in exclusive mode. It is not very consistent to allow writing to a mounted image.

On the other side, as you say, when cross-compiling Atari software, writing to the hard disk image (with mtools for example) and reset would be a convenient feature (if we are sure that the OS never writes to the disk, in the interval).

Similarly, it would be nice if Hatari could read the ROM from disk on each cold reset (if not already the case). That would be convenient for EmuTOS development.

Vincent Rivière

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