Re: [hatari-devel] REGRESSION: Creating and Reading HD floppies in Hatari 1.7

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On keskiviikko 18 syyskuu 2013, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> This is now fixed, I never used HD or ED disk in Hatari before, so I
> didn't notice it was broken.

My ST has HD floppy drive, but I've already transferred all the stuff
from its failing harddisk to Hatari, so I haven't used that functionality
for years.

Only use I've had for ED floppy images so far was testing one of the Wolf3D 
versions.  It didn't work properly under GEMDOS emulation and needed more
space than HD floppy.  Handling (ED) floppies images was much easier than
harddisk images because they didn't need partitioning & Atari driver install
and mtools could access their contents fine.

Nowadays that EmuTOS can access FAT partition image directly without
partition table,  I would use that when program doesn't work with GEMDOS 
emulation (but works with EmuTOS).

	- Eero

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