Re: [hatari-devel] Re: Some findings from "SYNC - The LoSTE screens" development

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On 18/09/2013 22:45, Troed Sångberg wrote:
Nicolas, #2 below is the answer to the question about RESET and the
floppy problem ("Possible 1.7 regression") ;) Glad you found it! I was
wondering how come a problematic image suddenly started working just as
I was about to release the demo - now I know :)

I'm slowly unstacking some pending mails I had during the holidays, I should have read this one more carefully before answering about the problem with disk image using reset :)

As for reset affecting the shifter, I never heard about it, but as the STE had many STF separate parts mixed in a single chip, it's possible the reset signal has some different effect than on stf (where the shifter has no reset pin)

Also, with regards to #3, I think Hatari does the same as STeem and
assumes a specific location for a 60/50 switch as causing +2 lines, for
both ST and STE. See this post for more information on why those two are
very different:

It's possible some border removal timings are sometimes fixed to a single location, instead of allowing a wider range as it should

That's part of the things I intend to rewrite for the shifter emulation, but so far many things were coded in a pragmatic way to allow most demos to work, not to emulate things that should work but were never used in real demos/games. So current emulation is sometimes not as permissive as the real HW would be.


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