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Thanks a lot Eero, that's really more natural this way.



Le 05/07/2013 22:20, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On perjantai 21 kesäkuu 2013, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
A very little question : I'm currently playing with the DSP, and I've
noticed that when I use the dm command, the syntax is
dm [x y p] addr

The natural syntax in DSP mode when using the x, y or p memory is to use
":" as a separator.
The space is replaced by a ":"

example:        move    x:my_addr,a

Would it cost a lot of efforts to add the ":" syntax (the actual space
separator could be kept as is) ?

The syntax would become :   dm [x y p]:addr
example : dm x:$200

	- Eero

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