[hatari-devel] Creating and Reading HD floppies in Hatari 1.7

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On Atari-Forum, someone reported a problem creating HD floppies and reading them in Hatari. DD floppies worked fine. He was using TOS 3.06 in TT emulation mode. However, I recreated the problem in ST mode using TOS 2.06. When you attempt to read the floppy that you created, you get a "Data on the disk in drive A: may be damaged" error. Of course, that is assuming you inserted the disk into drive A. To be sure, I tried inserting the floppy I created into drive B:, but I received the same error.

I used the Hatari "Create Blank Floppy" menu item in order to create the floppy. However, the forum poster also used mkdosfs on his Kubuntu system and could not read the floppy in Hatari. He said this worked on 1.6.

Here is the original Atari-Forum link in case you are interested:

I cannot recreate his "disappearing mouse" problem since that does not happen to me. I am assuming there is something different about his system.

Bob C

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