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a new Hatari version 1.7.0 has just been released. You can get it from http://hatari.tuxfamily.org/ or directly in http://download.tuxfamily.org/hatari/

Sources are of course available, as well as prebuilt binaries for Windows and OSX (in a few days)

Thanks to all the people who contributed to this version with code, ideas, bug reports. Let's keep on improving Hatari !

Brief changelog :
- Experimental MMU for the 68030 mode
- Improved IKBD/ACIA : full ACIA emulation (timings, serial link, registers)
- Much more accurate MFP : simultaneous interrupts, delayed IRQ, IACK cycles
- IACK cycles for CPU's exceptions (HBL and VBL)
- FDC : better GAPs' timings, angular speed/position used when accessing data
- TT video emulation, with better video modes
- Bug fixes for Gemdos HD emulation
- Some changes to the SDL UI (fileselector, drive LED)
- Lot of improvements to the debugger and to the profiler (CPU and DSP) : callgraphs, statistics, ... See the doc

See release-notes.txt for the full changelog.

Fixed Games:
  Atomix (MFP, flickering bottom of the screen during samples)
  BBC 52 Menu (Video/CPU, top border not removed)
  Bolo (MFP, couldn't start a game)
  Captain Blood (IKBD, fixed problem when setting the clock)
  Fokker and Downfall (ACIA/IKBD, had regressed in Hatari v1.6.x)
  Fuzion CD 77/78/84 Menu (MFP, random crash with digidrums in STF mode)
  James Pond (Fuzion CD 25) (FDC, game stuck during the intro)
  Microprose Golf (FDC, crash during the intro)
  Spidertronic (Zuul CD 84) (crashed before 50/60 Hz screen)
  Super Hang On and Super Monaco GP (MFP, flickering rasters)
  The Final Conflict (MFP, locked during the sampled intro music)
  The Sentinel (IKBD, mouse much too slow)
  Zuul 100/101 Menu (MFP, flickering top border)

Fixed demos :
  Anomaly Demo Main Menu by MJJ Prod (MFP, flickering top/bottom borders)
  Audio Artistic Demo by Big Alec (MFP, bad sample speed at start)
  Decade Demo - Reset (MFP, flickering bottom border)
  High Fidelity Dreams by Aura (MFP, flickering left rasters)
  ST-NICCC 2000 Demo by Oxygene (FDC, demo ran slower than expected)

Fixed apps :
  Monst v1.x
  Spectrum 512 (IKBD, mouse too slow)
  Cubase (when MIDI was enabled after Hatari startup)


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