[hatari-devel] "profile stack" command added

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I added "stack" subcommand for profiling, and a ":noinit" breakpoint
option needed for using it [1].

I use it to check where Douglas' Doom file accesses happen.

I also added arg showing for rest of non-MiNT GEMDOS calls when
doing GEMDOS tracing, so now one could use this to track e.g.
memory allocations from TOS:

--- debugger commands ---
profile on
symbols prg

# Maxalloc, Malloc, Mfree, Mshrink
b  GemdosOpcode = 0x44  :noinit :quiet :file showcallers.ini
b  GemdosOpcode = 0x48  :noinit :quiet :file showcallers.ini
b  GemdosOpcode = 0x49  :noinit :quiet :file showcallers.ini
b  GemdosOpcode = 0x4A  :noinit :quiet :file showcallers.ini

--- showcallers.ini ---
profile stack
b pc = "NextPC"  :noinit :quiet :file showretval.ini
--- showretval.ini ---
e d0

	- Eero

[1] By default breakpoints re-initialize debugger state,
    which would reset profiling callstack.

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