Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari/EmuTOS Conflict

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Hi David,
On 12 Jun 2013 at 10:27, David Savinkoff wrote:
> 1) Use a Windows Hatari build from June 8 or earlier to test without
>    the "Default IKBD's ACIA to 9600 baud after a reset" patch.
> 2) Delete directory ~/.hatari
> 3) Execute Hatari,
>     press f12,
>     select: System
>     uncheck: Patch TOS for faster boot
>     select: Back to main menu
>     select: ROM, and browse for latest etos256uk.img
>     select: Back to main menu
>     select: Save config
>     select: Quit
> 4) Execute Hatari again while continuously moving the mouse
>    across the Hatari window during the boot-up. Notice that
>    the mouse is frozen in the Hatari window once EmuTOS has
>    fully booted.
> 6) press altgr-r to reset Hatari; cursor is movable this time.
Although your problems as described above started this thread, my first concern 
was to discover whether EmuTOS is correctly handling the interface with the 
keyboard ACIA in Hatari.  I have now tried the EmuTOS 256K UK image, and it too 
seems to have the correct ACIA handling code.

I can verify that the problem you describe exists when using the most recent 
EmuTOS CVS snapshot with the Hatari 1.6.2+ Windows version of around 2 June, 
running as an ST on the old core (not winuae - I didn't check winuae).  It 
doesn't exist on the most recent Hatari version I have (around 10 June), nor on 
version 1.6.1 (both using the most recent EmuTOS CVS snapshot).

So it seems more likely to be a Hatari problem than an EmuTOS one, though of 
course that's not conclusive.  I did try to determine what exactly was the 
state of EmuTOS at the time of the hang, but I don't know enough about Hatari 
debugging to be able to do that.

For anyone else chasing this bug: when it occurs, not only is the mouse cursor 
frozen, but prior to that, EmuTOS does not see keyboard input at the point that 
the welcome screen appears (e.g. pressing C to get an early console is 

Since this doesn't occur on current Hatari versions, investigating it probably 
shouldn't be a high priority, but this kind of thing has a habit of biting 
again later ...


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