Re: [hatari-devel] Possible 1.7 regression

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Le 12/06/13 01:23, Troed Sångberg a écrit :

I don't want to raise any unnecessary alarms, but as per my post on atari-forum, , I tried out the recent Mac build discussed here on my system. I usually run a 1.6.2 build from june 2012 (that I don't remember if I compiled myself or used someone elses).

I only exchanged, no other changes, but suddenly the thing I'm currently coding (which, admittedly, might do some tricky stuff) stopped working in Hatari. The thing is, besides working fine on 1.6.2 my program also works fine on target hw, my regular STE that I make sure to test with as well.

What I see are 22 bombs (which probably isn't indicative, see below), and it doesn't drop out into the debug console (I run with -D). Manual breaks and continues tell me TOS is still doing work.


Did you try also with another build for Windows or Linux ? I don't think that your problem are Mac Specific, as there is no change in Hatari Core on the Mac build...


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