Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari/EmuTOS Conflict

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Thanks to all of you for your investigation.

On 10/06/2013 15:34, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
     /* On Hatari, it is *mandatory* to wait for the IKBD Reset to complete
      * before sending the next command bytes. Otherwise, on cold boot
      * no further data will be received.
      * This is why we read the IKBD version byte below.
//    ikbd_version = ikbd_readb(); /* Usually 0xf1, or 0xf0 for antique
STs */
//#if DBG_KBD
//    kprintf("ikbd_version = 0x%02x\n", ikbd_version);
//    UNUSED(ikbd_version);

No, this should not be commented. I disagree with the comment in the code :
it is mandatory to wait for 0xf0/0xf1 after the IKBD reset in all cases,
whether it's under an emulator or under real HW.

My intention was to say "unlike other inaccurate emulators, Hatari...". I will fix the comment.

Sending commands to the ikbd before receiving 0xf0 or 0xf1 is an
undocumented behaviour, that will likely result in those commands to be

This is why I fixed EmuTOS, after you told me that critical information.

A real TOS waits for 0xf0/0xf1 after sending reset, and it's the correct
thing to do.

I see that TOS 1.2 sends the IKBD reset at 0xfc03ba. After that, it waits in a CPU delay loop, then does not read anything. I guess that the actual returned value will be read later by the interrupt routine, when interrupts are enabled.

Vincent Rivière

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