[hatari-devel] Problems with Hatari 1.7.0

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Hi all,

i went fine through the cmake builing and installing also works fine but when i start hatari start and ends immediately. This is what i get :

Hatari v1.7.0, compiled on:  Jun 25 2013, 21:32:52
Configured max Hatari resolution = 832x576.
Inserted disk '/home/ragnar/.hatari/empty.st' to drive A:.
Building CPU table for configuration: 68EC000 (compatible mode)
Internal error; file /home/ragnar/cvs/hatari/src/uae-cpu/newcpu.c, line 264
Abgebrochen (cancelled, for non german speakers)

It does not make any difference to build it with different options. Prefix, Debug, uae cpu or debug. It all ends in the same result.


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