Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari v1.7 release?

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On 19/05/2013 19:45, David Savinkoff wrote:
> Hi,
> On Atari-Forum, Paulo said:
> "Checking and unchecking the option has an immediate speed effect
> on the demo." (floppy; fast or accurate option check box)
> The Floppy disk controller and Video have the DMA in common. Could
> Hatari's Floppy code be changing something in the DMA that affects
> Video timing?
> David


floppy and video don't have DMA in common, what do you mean exactly ?
> DS: I thought they did, however, checking schematics the shifter is separate.

As for the disk speed option, checking/unchecking the fast/slow mode 
will immediatly change the FDC timings, which means sectors will be read 
at a different speed and this seems to be the cause for the slow down in 
the demo : floppy data are not coming at the expected rate, so I guess 
the depacker is pausing somewhere and the 3D is not refreshed soon 
enough to keep a correct rate.

Hopefully, I should have a fix for this soon.


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