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Douglas, if you remove that printf (or make it appear only once),
does Hatari still freeze?  If yes, could you use debugger to see where
it freezes?

In fact the freezing is mainly a consequence of the printf load - I found that invoking the debugger with a keyboard shortcut and then giving another process priority will in fact allow the debugger to wake up and becomes usable after a few seconds of waiting for the printf's to flush out. 
Pull latest Hatari updates from repo.  With -D option, undefined/illegal
DSP instructions & stack under/overflows invoke debugger:

Great :) Thanks!
As TOS will do some CPU side exceptions, I recommend enabling these
in debugger only after TOS has booted:
        setopt -D
        history on

When debugger is invoked, check instruction history leading to the issue.

Thanks once again!


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