Re: [hatari-devel] Re: Opinions on Hatari profiler "user interface"?

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Btw. support for subroutine call & return tracking and processing
of the resulting data in the profile post-processor (which I 
commited few hours ago), means that callgrind data export for
Kcachegrind should now be more reliable in regards to inclusive

Although Kcachegrind has some problems showing the data [1], I think
it's kind of fun to be able to view Atari code in Kcachegrind,
see e.g. the attached screenshot. :-)

	- Eero

- TABs aren't aligned right for disassembly
- profile data item names lack first letter in the combobox in top right
- profiler post-processor currently assigns all sub-function calls to
  first instruction (I'll try to fix that later on)

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