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(I put CC of this to hatari-devel as this mentions further profiling idea.)

On sunnuntai 07 huhtikuu 2013, Douglas Little wrote:
> BM uses a triple buffered display, and recent versions use a 512 pixel
> line width to reduce line addressing costs. But the two things together
> inflate memory consumption.
> Double buffer should be enough for the final version (at least, on a 4MB
> system) and a linewidth of 256 is also likely for the VGA version anyway
> so a lot will be freed by just the display changes.
> There's also a lot of memory wasted in mip making buffers which are not
> temporary, and other stuff. Will get fixed.
> (The load-time fixups of WAD map data also used a lot of ram but I can't
> claim this back, it's important for performance)

If you need some kind of system side memory allocation statistics,
I could look into adding something for that.  With profiler caller
tracking it might even be possible to get JSR/BSR call backtraces
for those (or more generally, to specified GEMDOS functions).

Most of the memory allocation stuff happens at C-library level though
because TOS memory management is so limited, so system level tracking
might not be that useful...

	- Eero

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