[hatari-devel] A demand from Doug Little

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Hi all, Doug Little asked me some help with hatari building, cygwin and macos.

If someone has an answear for him.

His message just below.

Best regards

Hi Laurent,

I don't want to bug you too much but I'm having a little trouble getting the latest Hatari to work under Cygwin.

I obtained SDL 1.2.15 and found it didn't build under Cygwin with gcc4 and had to apply a minor patch for that. Following this patch, SDL built without errors and installed ok. However the newly built Hatari complains about video device:

$ ./hatari.exe
Hatari v1.6.2, compiled on: Jan 23 2013, 14:50:42
Could not initialize the SDL library:
No available video device

(this is from the cygwin console or from the X terminal with DISPLAY=:0.0 - same result)

There is probably a simple procedure to get this working (preferred versions, patches, specific steps) written up somewhere but I can't find it. Do you have any advice on this or links I can look at for the correct steps?

(I tried building on MacOSX also, and Hatari builds & runs and the UI appears when invoked but there is no text on the UI buttons - they are all blank. This might be another SDL version issue but Cygwin is more important for me just now for access to Suite56 DSP tools)

I have been able to do a lot so far using Hatari 1.6.2 it's been really helpful!


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