Re: [hatari-devel] 68030 MMU emulation: TEMPLMON, ROMSPEED

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Am Sun, 4 Nov 2012 15:16:20 +0100
schrieb Uwe Seimet <Uwe.Seimet@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi,
> > I've tried ROMSPEED (v3.11) and TEMPLMON (v2.01) today (using Hatari
> > revision dab3dd4e3a38 due to the mouse/ikbd problem that you've
> > already mentioned) and I was not able to reproduce these crashes.
> > I was using TT mode with 4 MB RAM, running the programs from an IDE
> > hard disk image. Could you describe your configuration that fails?
> > Which version of GCC are you using?
> It's gcc 4.5.4. I added my Hatari configuration as an attachment. I
> think it's still the same I used when reporting my problem. Note that
> the PMMU emultation has to be switched on. Even though my
> configuration includes drive images I did not use them but started
> the software from a GEMDOS drive.

I've tried to recreate the problem with your config file, but still -
both programs are working for me. Are you using any AUTO folder
programs or something similar (ACCs) ? 
Do you have by any chance another GCC version (or Clang) installed on
your system? It could also be worth a try to use another compiler, just
to be sure that we're not hunting compiler problems here.


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