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Hi Thomas,

My Falcon is running and ready to use all the time.

I'll do the test tonight.

Do I just have to compile this single line of code and run it ?
Nothing more to add ?

Would you also need a write at adress $700 ?



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 Hi Andreas,

thanks again for the patch. I've committed it now to the Hatari
repository, together with a patch/hack needed for the MMU to access our
SysMem in Hatari.

However, this needs some investigation on a real Falcon, I think. If
somebody has a Falcon up-and-running, could you please try whether it
is still required there to switch to supervisor mode when accessing
addresses below 0x800 ? I mean, just do something like this in

  move.l  $700,d0

Does this cause a bus error on the Falcon or does it work?


Am Sat, 29 Sep 2012 10:34:38 +0200
schrieb Andreas Grabher <andreas.grabher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Dear Harati community!
> I've improved my 68030 MMU emulation for Previous. Now function codes
> should be handled correctly in all cases. Also a bug in transparent
> translation is fixed. Functions for MOVES (memory access using SFC
> and DFC registers) are now implemented.
> I think this patch is worth merging into Hatari.
> It's patch 215 in Previous' SVN repository.
> Regards,
> Andreas

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