Re: [hatari-devel] 68030 MMU emulation, TEMPLMON

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On perjantai 19 lokakuu 2012, Andreas Grabher wrote:
> Very interesting. I didn't look at the instruction format summary yet. In
> my PDF copy in the instruction description i have 4 bit for FC and in
> the summary i have 6 bit. Obviously both are wrong. They want us to use
> the average value here  ;-)

Btw. Maybe it would help debugging if you would add "mmu" subcommand
to debugger "info"/"lock" command that would show internal MMU state?

Then that MMU info could e.g. be automatically shown on breakpoints
(using either breakpoint ":lock" or ":file" options, see manual).

See debug/debugInfo.c on how to do that.

Or if you provide a function showing the MMU info you think interesting,
I can also integrate it to the debugger.

	- Eero

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