Re: [hatari-devel] Handling of invalid PC register values?

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Le 23/10/2012 14:25, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

Just to verify...  What is supposed to happen emulation-wise when code
jumps to an invalid address, is PC register supposed just to have invalid
value after that, like happens now?


yes, PC gets its new address. On 68000 for example, if it's an odd address, you will get an address error after the new PC was set (and the faulty PC value will be in the exception's stack)

Results differ depending on the CPU family and the memory area.


	- Eero

PS. Attached tester demostrates this.  Run it like this:
	cd invalid-pc
	hatari --parse profile.ini ./baller.prg

With the Hatari from yesterday, debugger profiler hits assert,
with the latest fixed version it just outputs lots of errors about
invalid PC values which are returned by M68000_GetPC() call.

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