Re: [hatari-devel] Adding Aranym features for Hatari?

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Le 15/10/2012 21:21, Thomas Huth a écrit :
In the long run, I would also consider implementing stuff needed
for natfeats hostfs so that one can use MiNT natfeats driver for that
on Hatari, to make MiNT work also with something else than disk images
which are a real pain to deal with...

You could also write a MiNT XFS that uses the GEMDOS-HD interface of
Hatari ;-)

I second those ideas.

Whatever the implementation is, it would be really appreciable that FreeMiNT running on Hatari could access the host files.

Also, it would be a good thing that ARAnyM has a competitor in that area, that will certainly improve the things on both sides.

BTW, FreeMiNT access the drives using NEWFATFS by default (using XHDI block device interface), but it can also use TOSFS (direct access to ROM GEMDOS functions). I don't know of the latter currently works or not on Hatari.

Vincent Rivière

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