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On sunnuntai 07 lokakuu 2012, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> > Are they same (memory, graphics mode etc) as on real
> > HW device where PD is known to work?
> Yes, as far as I can tell everything is identical.
> > Does PD work with gemdos emulation?   It had some issues
> > with it before Hatari v1.4, when some minor compatibility
> > issues were fixed in Fseek(), Fopen() & Fdatime().
> I started PD from a hard disk image, but there was no change. The menu
> bar is displayed but after that the screen is white instead of gray and
> there is a sequence of bus errors.

I tried PD v1.1 and it starts fine in TT high-rez,
at least when using following PD options:
- display swapping "smart"
- display swapping via "address"
- use VDI graphics

This is with a clean system, nothing in AUTO, no ACCs.

As to the trace I asked, note that gemdos emulation needs to be
on for GEMDOS tracing and "--bios-intercept" for xbios tracing.

	- Eero

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